The spear is the default melee weapon that Aloy uses against enemies.

Light Attack

Light attacks have a short charge up time and does moderate damage to enemies. They also have a low chance of knocking off armor and components off machines. Depending on the skill upgrades, Aloy can use its light attack to take out enemies quietly, or deal a large amount of damage to machines that have been knocked down.

Strong Attack

Strong attacks have a long charge up time, do huge damage to enemies, and can also knock down machines. Depending on the size of the machine, it may take only one hit to do so, or they might be immune to the spear's knock down effect completely. Strong attacks also have a high chance of knocking armor and components off of machines.


After defeating the first Corruptor, Aloy installs an override module at the base of the spear. This allows her to override hostile machines, making them her ally for a period of time, or if appropriate skill upgrades are chosen, permanently. This feature can be upgraded by completing Cauldrons, allowing Aloy to override a larger variety of machines. However, it is worth noting that Corrupted Machines cannot be overridden.

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