"Holy Meridian shall forever be the seat of the Carja, the City of the Sun, and the Spire venerated as the mark of its founding."
The Sun Faith

The Spire is an unmarked location outside the Sundom's capital city, Meridian, in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The Spire was originally built by GAIA's machines on the mesa that would come to be known as the Alight. As a component of the MINERVA subordinate function, the Spire was used to broadcast the deactivation codes for Faro machines, allowing the terraforming process to begin.

It was found by the first Carja Sun-King Araman as he and his followers traveled from the "Savage East ". According to the Carja faith, Araman followed the shadow cast by the Spire to the mesa where Meridian was founded. As a result, the Spire is revered by the Carja, and the mesa where it sits was made into a burial ground for the highest-ranking members of the Carja tribe.

It was used by HADES in an attempt to reactive those machines in order to destroy all life on Earth, however this plot was foiled by Aloy and her allies.


  • In-game, the Spire can be seen from places as far as the Valley of Omens.