Stone Yield Bandit Camp is an activity in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. It is the only bandit camp found in the Cut.


Stone Yield is a large, multi-level camp that has been overrun by bandits, including technologically-advanced "Scanner" bandits not encountered in the main game.

After the camp is cleared, it will become home to several Banuk tribespeople, including Opili.

Scanner Bandits

These bandits carry large scanning devices on their backs that function similarly to Scrapper's radars. If Aloy is within the detection radius of a Scanner bandit when a scan is performed, her position will be revealed even if she is hidden in tall grass.

Similar to the Power Cell components found on many machines, the bandits' scanning devices are vulnerable to Shock damage and can become overloaded if hit with Shock Arrows or Shock Bombs.


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  • 2.2 Medium Salt



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