"A Strider. One of the weaker machines. But even a weak machine can kill a hunter -- if she is careless."
Rost, introducing Aloy to her first Strider

The Strider is a medium-sized, horse-like machine found in Horizon Zero Dawn. By using Override, Aloy can utilize Striders as mounts.


About the size of a common draft horse, the Strider very closely resembles a heavy-built draft horse in terms of a body. They stand on four horse-like legs with hooves and have powerful shoulders. The head, however, more closely resembles that of bovines, with two swept-back horns.

Towards the back end above the "rump" is a Blaze container.

The Strider seems to share a nearly identical chassis design with the Broadhead and Charger, with its main difference being the head design.


Striders were created by GAIA as part of the terraforming process after the Faro Plague wiped out all the biomass on Earth in the 21st century. They seem to function like Grazers, gathering small amounts of vegetation to be converted to Blaze, which is stored in the tank on their back. Striders became very commonplace and, for a long time, were peaceful grazers that shied away from humans if one was spotted.

However, a decade before the game's events, the Derangement took place and the Striders, along with all other machines, began to become more aggressive. They would menace humans that attacked them instead of running away or keeping their distance. By the time Aloy came of age and learned to hunt, Striders would often attack humans on sight, especially if warned first by nearby Watchers or if they have sufficient numbers. Fortunately, they were not too difficult to bring down and humans learned to stay out of their sight.

After Aloy brings down the first Corruptor machine, she takes its equipment and finds that she can use it to take control of a Strider for use as a mount. Thanks to this development, Aloy can now quickly traverse long distances in a short time thanks to the Strider's speed. Sylens learns of this Override ability by spying on Aloy, and he uses this to not only override two Striders to rescue Aloy from the Sun Ring but even overrides three Ravagers to cover their retreat.


Like the Watchers that commonly accompany Strider herds, Striders have no weaponry. However, if spooked they can charge towards the perceived threat, knocking them down and trampling them to death, or attacking with a variety of kicks like the horses they resemble.

When Overriden, the Strider becomes a war mount for Aloy.


  • Charge
  • Spin Kick
  • Rodeo Kick
  • Hind Leg Strike
  • Double Strike

Mounted Combat

  • Double Strike
  • Pivot Kick
  • Hind Leg Kick
  • Charge

Weaknesses and Tactics

Not being a machine designed with combat in mind, a Strider is not much of a threat, especially one isolated from a herd or from nearby sentinels like Watchers. If not alerted, one can lure them with a thrown stone or a lure whistle to draw them nearer to Aloy's cover. From there, they can easily be hit with a Silent Strike for a fatal blow, or otherwise overridden to be ridden.

In combat, their attacks are clumsy and predictable and are easily avoided by staying just out of reach and dodging out of the way. Although the chassis has no particular weakness, they do have an unarmored Blaze container on their back, and a fire arrow to this component will trigger an explosion that will devastate the Strider and any nearby machine.


Image: Component: Information: Weakness: Strength:
Strider-Body Body Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None None
Strider-BlazeCanister Blaze Canister Blaze Storage Container. Shooting canister with Fire will result in an explosion. Shoot off this component to collect the resource inside. Fire Fire-Icon
Tear Tear-Icon



  • Striders seem to communicate vocally with horse-like whinnies and neighs, despite machines being capable of non-vocal communication.


Acquisition Class Broadhead - Charger - Glinthawk - Grazer - Lancehorn - Rockbreaker - Scrapper - Snapmaw - Strider - Trampler
Combat Class Ravager - Sawtooth - Stalker - Stormbird - Thunderjaw
Recon Class Longleg - Watcher (Redeye Watcher) - Tallneck
Transport Class Behemoth - Fire Bellowback - Freeze Bellowback - Shell-Walker
Chariot Class Corrupted Machines - Corruptor - Deathbringer - Metal Devil

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