Strike From Above is a learnable Prowler skill in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Pressing R1 while above enemies will activate Strike From Above. It silently takes out small machines and humans, and deals high damage to medium-sized enemies.

Practically, it can be used in open combat, as the context-sensitive action can be activated as long as Aloy is in reasonable proximity to targets while being above them. Leaping to a certain height above the target or using the environment's elevation difference would still allow players to activate Strike from Above despite not being in Stealth. The strategy would allow Aloy to drop from any height safely while making a kill.

While it is useful for inflicting instant kills on smaller yet tough foes, Aloy is vulnerable during the animation. Using this tactic also requires good timing to be effective, as enemies might move out of the context range instantly during open combat, having Aloy do the normal drop attack instead. Failing to execute the move while falling down from dangerous heights could cost players their edge in battle, or even Aloy's life.

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