Studious Palas is a Carja merchant located in Meridian. He offers to trade special Treasure Boxes in exchange for sets of Ancient Vessels.


Palas has studied artifacts of the Old Ones for years, and is downright obsessed with the subject. His long hours of study have made the sun unbearable to him, which he fears has rendered him romantically hopeless. Although Palas personally has little interest in romance, his family are keen for him to produce an heir, encouraging him to marry a woman who his father has selected for him. Palas finds her boring, however, and far prefers to study his collection of vessels; he laments that he lacks a brother to continue the family line instead.

Despite the significant time he has spent studying Ancient Vessels, Palas is entirely misguided about their function. He flatly rejects the idea that they are simple drinking mugs, instead believing them to be part of an elaborate shaving ritual which he is eager to perform.


  • Palas' Reward Box I - costs Ancient Vessels Faro, Arches, DroneHop, and Wayfarers
  • Palas' Reward Box II - costs Ancient Vessels Miriam, USRC, KZ, and Sterling-Malkeet
  • Palas' Reward Box III - costs Ancient Vessels Odyssey, Metallurgic, Jomei, and Thunderheads
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