"Only the Sun's rightful heir, born of the Radiant Line that dates back to Araman the founder, is the Speaker for the Sun;
To him the Sun's desires are revealed, and from his lips its desires are acted upon by men;
He shall be known as the Sun-King, and his word shall be law.
The Sun Faith

The Sun-King is the ruler of the Carja territory, known as the Sundom, and the tribespeople living within. The Sun-King also serves as the head of the Sun-Court, a noble class made up of Sun-Priests and some noble houses.

The Sun-King is responsible for interpreting the word of the Sun and leading the Carja people accordingly.

The Sun-King rules from the Palace of the Sun in the capital city of Meridian.

List of Sun-Kings

The Sun-Kings, in chronological order are:

Unofficial Sun-Kings

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