"Only the Sun's rightful heir, born of the Radiant Line that dates back to Araman the founder, is the Speaker for the Sun;
To him the Sun's desires are revealed, and from his lips its desires are acted upon by men;
He shall be known as the Sun-King, and his word shall be law.
The Sun Faith

The Sun-King is the ruler of the Carja territory, known as the Sundom, and the tribespeople living within. The Sun-King also serves as the head of the Sun-Court, a noble class made up of Sun-Priests and some noble houses.

The Sun-King rules from the Palace of the Sun in the capital city of Meridian.


According to the Sun-Faith, the Sun-King is the chosen speaker for the Sun. As such, he is granted near unlimited power. The Sun-King is responsible for interpreting the word of the Sun and leading the Carja people accordingly.

List of Sun-Kings

The Sun-Kings, in chronological order are:

  • Araman: The founder of the Carja tribe. Known for discovering the Leaves of the Old Ones, from which sun-worship and glyphs were derived.
  • Amavad: Oversaw the construction of the Royal Maizelands.
  • Sadahin: Expanded Carja territory, created the settlement of Brightmarket. Introduced the term "Sundom" to describe the Carja domain.
  • Juwadan: Permitted trade with the other tribes, going as far as to share the glyphs with them as to allow for easier trade.
  • Zavarad: Further expansion of the Sundom. Oversaw the establishment of Blazon Arch.
  • Iriv: Known for his expedition into the land beyond the Daunt, from which he never returned.
  • Basadid: Brother of Iriv. Deemed the lands beyond the Daunt as The Forbidden West, and ordered the construction of Sunfall.
  • Khuvadin: Ordered the construction of Daytower following an unsuccessful attempt to expand further eastward. Last Sun-King to pursue the expansion of the Sundom.
  • Ranan: Defended the Sundom during a Tenakth invasion, although he was left terribly disfigured for his efforts.
  • Nahasis: Oversaw the establishment of the Hunters Lodge, open to all Carja noble men.
  • Marzid: Known for his artistic talents, and his transformation of Sunfall into a cultural and trade center. Died from illnesses caused his own paints.
  • Hivas (unknown - c. 3017): Began the re-militarization of the Carja tribe, a stark contrast to his predecessor.
  • Jiran (c. 3017 - 3038): Infamous for the Red Raids: a ten-year conflict which saw the neighboring tribes raided for human sacrifices. Killed by his son Avad, causing the Carja Civil War.
  • Avad (3038 - present): Overthrew his father to end the Red Raids, causing the Carja Civil War. Oversaw the creation of the Vanguard, banned slavery, and ended tribal & gender discrimination in the Hunters Lodge.

Unofficial Sun-Kings

  • Itamen (figurehead king of the Shadow Carja, 3038-3040): Jiran's chosen heir to the throne. However, due to his age, Itamen was little more than a figurehead for Helis, Jiran's champion, and High Priest Bahavas. Defected to the Sun Carja with his mother Nasadi.