Sylens' Lance is an upgraded melee weapon, capable of dealing Shock damage in addition to impact damage.


The Lance is acquired at the conclusion of The Mountain That Fell, when Sylens tells Aloy to take his lance and fit the Master Override on it so she may purge HADES. The Lance will then be permanently equipped as Aloy's default meele weapon, replacing the obsolete Spear that preceded it.


Upon completion of the Frozen Wilds errand, A Secret Shared, it can be enhanced with up to two modifications slots as opposed to the Spear's single slot limit. Should Aloy acquire the Lance later, the slots will be automatically available.


  • Sylens' Lance is the only weapon of Aloy's that is capable of inflicting Impact, Tear and Elemental damage on the same hit.
  • The epilogue of the game showed that the Lance was ultimately left sticking into HADES' physical drive.
  • The Lance charges up with intense Electricity when used to execute Heavy attacks.
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