"After all that's happened, I need luck as much as the tribe needs those skins." —Taim
Taim is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is a Nora Brave living in the settlement of Mother's Crown in the Nora Sacred Lands.


Taim was hunting boar east of Mother's Crown when he encountered a Sawtooth. He evaded the machine but lost his lucky ring, a prized possession made from a machine's jaw that originally belonged to his maternal grandmother.

Taim later encountered the Nora Brave Aloy while she was Mother's Crown. He asked to hunt for boar skins for the settlement's Stitcher, and to recover his lost ring. Aloy found the ring in the throat of a dead boar; the same boar he had been hunting when he lost it. The boar had evidently tried to eat the ring and choked to death on it. She retrieved it and brought it and the boar skins to Taim, who was waiting for her by the campfire just outside the settlement's walls. Taim gladly received the items, deciding to wear the ring around his neck to prevent it from being lost.

Associated Quests

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