The Tearblaster is a short-range ranged weapon that fires blasts of compressed air, easily stripping armor and components off machines without the need to aim precisely.

It is given as a reward upon the completion of the Hunters' Blind side quest. However as of patch 1.13, it will now be available for purchase from certain merchants after completing Hunters' Blind.


Ammo Type Damage Damage-Icon Tear Tear-Icon Crafting Requirements
Tearblaster Charge None 100 1x Metal Vessel

1x Echo Shell

Ranged Weapons Hunter Bow - War Bow - Sharpshot Bow - Sling - Carja Sling - Shadow Sling - Blast Sling - Ropecaster - Rattler - Tearblaster
Melee Weapons Spear - Sylens' Lance
Stealth Weapons Tripcaster - Traps - Blast Sling
Heavy Weapons Disc launcher - Ravager Cannon - Firespitter - Firestriker - Deathbringer Gun - Oseram Cannon

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