Concept art by Luc de Haan

The Tenakth are a human tribe in Horizon Zero Dawn. Their homeland is located south of the Sundom. Not much is known about them, and contact with the Tenakth is rare.


The Tenakth once attacked the Sundom during the reign of the 10th Sun-King Ranan, who personally led his armies against them.[1]

Culture and Society

The Tenakth seem to respect strength above all else and are apparently brutal and aggressive, often taking what they need or want by conquest rather than trading for it. As contact with the Tenakth is rare, only one named member of their tribe is seen in the game; Ullia, who joins a bandit camp after escaping the Sunstone Rock prison. The Tenakth are described as raiders and reavers by the Carja. Rumors also circulate among them that the Tenakth are cannibals.

The Tenakth believe that their stories and achievements in life will live on after death if their blood is drunk by another.

Known Members


  • A couple of Tenakth can be found at a bar in Sunfall. However, like the Utaru, they cannot be interacted with.


  1. The Sun-Kings

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