The Frozen Wilds Screenshot 2

The terrain of The Cut

The Cut is an area in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


The Cut is located to the north of the known map, and trailer footage depicts it as almost entirely covered in snow and ice.[1] Among the unique geological features shown are hot springs, fumaroles, and geysers dotted throughout the terrain, as well as "The Mountain", a large plateau of rock and ice, with what appears to be smoke and red lightning surrounding it. The Mountain appears to be a source of unusual activity and interest, as it holds valuable information for Aloy (indicating a connection to the Old Ones or GAIA's rogue Subordinate Functions), attracts the attention of nearby machines, and is supposedly guarded by some sort of dangerous beast.


The Cut lies on the border of Banuk territory, and is inhabited by both familiar and exotic machines.[1] Previously seen machines include Tramplers, Behemoths, Tallnecks, Stormbirds, and Thunderjaws; also present is a new machine whose details are as of yet unseen, which seems to have a body shape vaguely reminiscent of a bear or wolverine.


  • The Cut is based in what used to be called Yellowstone National Park during the Metal Age, as the climate, flora, and geography of mountains and hydrothermal features appear to be similar.


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