The Embrace, sometimes called All-Mother's Embrace, is a small region in the southwest of the Nora Sacred Lands in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The Embrace is a well-defended valley that is home to most of the tribe's population. Nestled in a mountainous ridge in the southwest, the core of the region is All-Mother Mountain. The Mountain and its surrounding village are the religious center of the tribe. As the Mountain is considered to be an embodiment of the Nora's deity, the area inside the nearby mountain range is considered to be land within All-Mother's Embrace. The perimeter is marked by three gates: the North, South, and Main Embrace Gates.

Some tribe outcasts live inside the Embrace but generally they are not welcome in any of the main villages. Instead, they live in camps and hand-built houses scattered throughout the region, such as Brom's Camp in the west and Aloy's home, Rost's Hovel.


Aloy was born and raised inside the Embrace and, like most Nora children, she did not see the rest of the Sacred Lands until she reached maturity.


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