The Estate is a settlement in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The estate is a Carja noble family farmstead belonging to an unnamed man who owned many mines in the Sundom. Its inhabitants included the Carja noble and his two children, Daradi and Ranaman, as well as a number of guards and servants.[1]

According to Ranaman, their father spent much of his fortune on lavish furnishings for the home, including custom woodwork. However, as the Derangement progressed, the noble invested in protecting the estate from the increasingly dangerous machines.

Ranaman's Plot

The noble was a righteous man, and disowned his son Ranaman when the latter turned to a life of crime. Vengeful and greedy, Ranaman plotted to take the Estate for himself. He had a machine lure planted in the estate's workshop, causing the estate to be overrun by aggressive machines. The only survivor of the attack was Daradi, who was locked in a room by her father at the beginning of the attack.

The Nora hunter Aloy arrived soon after, having been sent by Ranaman on the pretense of saving his family (in fact, it was merely so that she would clear out the property for him). She proceeded to kill the machines, located the lure, and rescue Daradi, who exposed Ranaman's scheming. Ranaman arrived soon after with a second lure, hoping to kill both his sister and Aloy. However, this attempt backfired: Ranaman was killed by Glinthawks drawn to the lure. Aloy managed to kill the Glinthawks before they could hurt Daradi. After repaying Aloy for her efforts, Daradi decided to abandon the Estate for her own safety.



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