"I don't want to hurt you. But the Forgotten - their whispers... they fill my head with screams!"

The Forgotten is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Olara's troubled brother, Brom, has gone missing. Brom was exiled from the Nora tribe for ten years and lived in a camp outside of the major settlements. When his sentence was over, he did not return. Olara petitioned the Matriarchs to send Braves looking for him, but they found only his abandoned, blood-soaked camp.

Aloy comes across Olara calling out to Brom from a ledge in the southern part of the The Embrace and offers to help. She heads to his camp and finds it overrun with Watchers. By scanning the site with her Focus, Aloy tracks a trail of blood to a bucket with footprints. Sensing that something strange is going on, she tracks the footprints to a group of Scrappers.

After dispatching them, Aloy stumbles upon the carcass of a Watcher with a spear in it. More clues reveal themselves when she finds a stolen supply crate and then finds the supplies abandoned. At the end of the trail is Brom himself. He talks to himself and appears to be in distress, threatening suicide while teetering on a cliff. Aloy talks him away from the ledge and Olara appears not soon after. Brom's mental illness seems to prevent him from returning to the Nora, but Olara is just happy to see him and knows she can take care of him outside of the tribe. Depending on the player's dialogue choices, Olara will either keep watch over Brom or send him back to the wilderness on his own.


  1. Go to Brom's Camp
  2. Kill the Watchers
  3. Investigate Brom's Camp
  4. Search the Camp for the Blood Trail
  5. Follow the Blood Trail
  6. Examine the Knife
  7. Follow the Blood Trail
  8. Examine the Bucket
  9. Follow the Tracks
  10. Examine the Shrine
  11. Follow the Tracks
  12. Kill the Scrappers
  13. Examine the Destroyed Watcher
  14. Follow the Tracks
  15. Examine the Supply Cache
  16. Follow the Tracks
  17. Talk to Brom


The Forgotten - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide13:09

The Forgotten - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


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