The Grave-Hoard is the name used by the Oseram tribe to refer to an Old Ones ruin in Horizon Zero Dawn located in the eastern mountains to the extreme north of the Nora Sacred Lands, known as the Longroam. The ruin is in fact the remains of U.S. Robot Command headquarters, where the scientist Elisabet Sobeck briefed the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff on Project Zero Dawn, a plan to build a global automated terraforming system to restore life to Earth after its annihilation by the Faro Plague.


The ruin is a vast underground bunker built into a mountain. Astride it is a derelict FAS-BOR7 Horus, one of the Faro Plague's robots. The entrance to the ruin is via a diagonal shaft. The entrance was blocked by a wall of stalagmites and stalactites; however, the Shadow Carja cult known as the Eclipse cleared the formations in order to access the ruin. The head of the Horus and a number of its tentacles jut through into a large, open chamber where the colossal war machine evidently broke though into the bunker. The Nora Brave Aloy encountered a group of Eclipse cultists in this area as they activated and released an FAS-FSP5 Kopesh robot that had been inside the Horus, presumably manufactured by it.[1]

Grave-Hoard Metal Devil

Aloy beholds the Horus that attacked the facility

While exploring the ruin, Aloy found datapoints containing various logs. Some of these logs detailed the last stand of United States soldiers against the attacking Horus.[2][3][4][5] Others detailed the personal correspondence of some of the soldiers who fought and died in the battle.[6][7][8][9]

The main area of the ruin is the briefing room in which Aloy viewed a holographic recording of Elisabet Sobeck's meeting with the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff about Zero Dawn.



Audio Datapoints

Text Datapoints - Quests



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