"Three Banuk hunters rolled in a few days ago. No provisions, junk equipment. No idea how to strip a machine for parts."
The Hunters Three is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


When Aloy next returns to Song's Edge after completing The Shaman's Path, Burgrend calls out to her with a proposition. He explains that three young Banuk hunters approached him a few days ago and asked him to outfit them for a long trip. Burgrend furnished them on credit, but when the young hunters returned to pay for their goods they supplied him with a worthless machine part: a Thunderjaw Heart badly damaged due to the hunters' inexperience.

Burgrend then tells Aloy that he is growing concerned for the hunters because he has not seen them since. He asks Aloy to go looking for them, both to confirm their safety and to ensure he is paid back. He explains that the hunters were supposed to bring him three machine parts: a Stalker Sinew, a Scorcher Claw, and a Snapmaw Fang.

Aloy sets off to find the hunters and assist them in gathering the parts needed to pay off their debt.

After gathering the final part and talking to the hunters, the player will be faced with a flashpoint where each choice will result in a different name for the new werak.


Werak name

Flashpoint Heart Compassion Scars of the North
Flashpoint Brain Insight Shattered Hearts
Flashpoint Fist Confrontation Nukoni's Arrows


  1. Talk to Burgrend
  2. Find the Young Werak Hunters
  3. Kill the Machines
  4. Gather a Scorcher Claw
  5. Talk to Tatai
  6. Meet the Young Werak at the next Encounter
  7. Kill the Machines
  8. Gather a Stalker Sinew
  9. Talk to Urkai
  10. Meet the Young Werak at the Final Encounter
  11. Kill the Machines
  12. Gather a Snapmaw Fang
  13. Talk to Tulemak
  14. Return to Burgrend
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