The Reign of the Mad Sun-King

Be warned, reader, that as a true account of the Mad Sun-King Jiran's acts, these glyphs are blotted in blood. Truly, the savageries committed can barely be recounted, so pray to the cleansing Sun for yourself and the teller of these tales!

You will learn of the grievous wounds inflicted on foreign lands in the reaping of sacrifice--the Red Raids! For the Mad Sun-King would order a whole generation cut from each village, so they might more willingly supply sacrifices and be harder pressed to field fighting men on the next raid!

The Utaru, who sought to appease with gifts of grain, were slaughtered in such number that upon the following harvest, the maize grew black and blue with the blood of the dead!

Against the Oseram, the Terror of the Sun piled corpses of their fallen up to the walls of their villages so his kestrels might clamber upon the dead to enter!

And in the valley of the barbarian Nora, terrors of the Savage East, such savagery ensued that the trees were drooped with corpses hung as grim warnings!

Should you wish to read of the Mad King's depredations against his own people, your curiosity will not go unsated. Within are accounts of the deaths of those sentenced to the Sun-Ring--listed in such detail, you might think it reported by their own chattering skulls, once piled outside the city gates!

Nor will you find a more harrowing account of his massacre of the Hunters Lodge. Reading these accounts, you might imagine yourself among its brave Hawks as they fought to the last, bloodying the sand from dawn 'til dusk! Or perhaps in the crowds as the loosed Behemoths careened through the stands with the crashing of wood and bone!

All this crazed bloodletting did the Mad Sun-King take in with his pitiless gaze, indeed he would not even look away from the goring of his own son in that ring of death! Yes, fair-haired Kadaman, Kadaman of the Dawn's Rising, so degraded and doomed for the crime of standing against his father!

Such a true and complete account of the Mad Sun-King Jiran's miseries cannot be found in the history annals, or heard from the reckoners of the Sun-Priests. It is with a heavy heart that I scribe these events, leaving out no shocking detail, but my debt is to history, and to you, brave reader...

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