The Sun Shall Fall is the thirteenth main quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.



  1. Go to Palace of the Sun in Meridian
  2. Talk to Avad
  3. Go to the Warehouse
  4. Enter the Warehouse
  5. Examine the Bomb
  6. Search the Warehouse
  7. Destroy the Window Bracket
  8. Push the Blaze out the Window
  9. Investigate the Area
  10. Follow the Trail
  11. Follow Dervahl into the Palace
  12. Go to the Solarium
  13. Destroy the Sonic Device
  14. Defeat Dervahl and his Men
  15. Talk to Dervahl
  16. Kill the Glinthawks
  17. Talk to Dervahl
  18. Talk to Erend
  19. Talk to Avad


The Sun Shall Fall - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide31:29

The Sun Shall Fall - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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