The Survivor is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


At Keener's Rock, Aloy encounters the White Teeth, one of the most famous weraks in Ban-Ur, who are performing their initiation test: survive four days and four nights on the glaciers in the Knifetrail, sustained only by the land. The Chieftain mentions to Aloy that two of the prospective members have yet to return from the ordeal. To Aloy's disgust, the werak dismisses the idea of going back to search for the two, prompting her to go after them herself.

Venturing into the glacier, Aloy finds one of the hunters, Ikrie. After the two fight off a group of machines, Ikrie explains that she is staying behind for the other hunter, Mailen, who broke her leg descending the ice.


  1. Find the Missing Hunters
  2. Kill the Machines
  3. Talk to the Hunter
  4. Kill the Machines
  5. Return to Ikrie
  6. Find Mailen
  7. Kill the Machines
  8. Talk to Mailen
  9. Talk to the White Teeth Chieftain


The Survivor - Ultra Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

The Survivor - Ultra Hard - No Damage - Video Guide