The Terror of the Sun is the eighteenth main quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Unarmed and unarmored, Aloy is dropped into the Sun-Ring to face off against a Corrupted Behemoth. Noting the machine's considerable strength, she realizes that she can use it to her advantage, luring the machine close enough to the pillars so that when it charges to attack, if she can move out of the way the force of the machine will weaken the pillars supporting the platform. After weakening two of the pillars, the platform crashes to the ground with Aloy running into the dust cloud. When she emerges, she is fully armored and prepared to defeat the machine.

Much to the disbelief of Helis and the crowd, Aloy manages to take down the machine, challenging the Kestrel to face her himself. Helis then orders the two Corruptors into the Ring to finish her off. Before either Aloy or the Corruptors have the chance to strike, there is an explosion at the main gate of the Sun-Ring and two overridden Striders enter, with Sylens atop one of them. Aloy hops onto the back of the other Strider and together they ride towards the open gates of the Sun-Ring with the Corruptors in pursuit. Drawn to the Sun-Ring by the machine lure Sylens embeds in the dirt, three overridden Ravagers emerge and engage the Corruptors, allowing Sylens and Aloy to escape the Sun-Ring.

Once they've traveled a safe distance from Sunfall, they slow to a stop. Sylens supplies Aloy with a new Focus downloaded with all the files from her destroyed Focus including the Alpha Registry she needs to access the ruins in All-Mother Mountain. After demanding some explanations from Sylens, he refuses Aloy's request for assistance in stopping the Eclipse threat from destroying the Sacred Lands. Leaving Aloy with a set of armor that will conceal her identity should she need to return to Shadow Carja territory and an apology, they part ways. Aloy rides off into the opposite direction, heading for her homeland.  


  1. Get your Weapons Back
  2. Lure the Behemoth into Ramming the Support Pillars
  3. Kill the Behemoth
  4. Escape the Sun Ring


The Terror of the Sun - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide17:12

The Terror of the Sun - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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