The Vision is a collectable Banuk figure in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Tektuk: Falsely accused, exiled, starving and cold, I faltered--this I confess. As the death-chills overcame me, I lost will and purpose, and felt the bottomless callousness of fate. But then, a vision: I saw in my mind's eye an endless white plain, with only a single figure, waiting. It was you. And I knew, in death if not in life, I would see you again. When the chills faded, I rose with new hope. I paint my mark here for you, in anticipation of our meeting, and leave you this offering, though it will never touch the warmth of your hands.


This figure is located in the western Rustwash region of the map. It rests in the mountains between the Valley of Omens and the campfire south of Sunfall, near a Broadhead site.

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