The Womb of the Mountain is the sixth main quest in Horizon Zero Dawn. After surviving the massacre at The Proving, Aloy rests and heals inside the mountain at Mother's Heart. The High Matriarchs reveal important new information to Aloy and send her off on an important mission for the Nora Tribe.


Aloy awakes inside the sacred mountain, a place where only the Matriarchs are allowed inside. She searches for her equipment, finds it, and rearms herself. The mountain contains doors and other remnants of old technology founded in the Metal World. She scans the damaged Focus gathered from the Cultists and discovers a video hologram of Rost's killer. The hologram playback tells the other cultists to avoid all contact with the Nora tribe but to kill every witness if they are seen. A map is shown and Aloy sees a video playback of herself while she was talking to Olin in Mother's Heart. Afterward, Aloy sees an unknown woman who bears a strong resemblance to her. The word "Terminate" is shown - proving that the Cultists were targeting Aloy.

Teersa comes across Aloy and tells her to follow her to the place where she was born. Aloy was not born from a human, but from the mountain itself. The pair enter the Great Chamber where the All-Mother resides. As a child, Aloy was found in front of a large metal door within the heart of the mountain. Teersa believed that Aloy was a gift from the All-Mother, while the other Matriarchs saw her as a curse. When Aloy steps up to the mountain's door, a red light shines, stating "Halt for identification. Error Alpha Registry Corrupted - Identity cannot be confirmed. Entry denied."

Teersa says if Aloy heals the corruption, the door could open. Aloy decides to seek answers by finding Olin and to visit Meridian looking for answers. Teersa says that the war party sent after the killers was slaughtered and they were able to somehow control machines. The Matriarchs bestow upon Aloy the rank of Seeker - an important distinction of the Nora tribe that allows them to travel outside of their lands.

Aloy finds Resh, the new appointed War-Chief, and asks him to open the gate to Mother's Watch. He initially refuses and voices his disapproval. Before she can leave, a horde of machines attack the settlement. Among them is a Corruptor, a powerful machine capable of taking control of docile machines and turning them hostile. After destroying the machines, Aloy examines the carcass of the Corruptor and removes its Override component. This grants her a new ability to hack into machines and take control of them.


  1. Search for your Focus
  2. Search for your Equipment
  3. Follow Teersa
  4. Talk to Teersa
  5. Follow Teersa out of the Mountain
  6. Talk to Resh, the new War Chief
  7. Kill the "Demon" and Corrupted machines
  8. Examine the "Demon" carcass


The Womb of the Mountain - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide26:29

The Womb of the Mountain - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


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