Okay, I want to get something off my chest right now because this needs to be said. To all Jessifans, and to the entire Romantic Fortunes fan community: Jessica Sterling SHOULD NOT WIN Romantic Fortunes! This is so obvious to anyone who actually PAYS ATTENTION. I used to be like you guys. Last season, I wanted Jessica to win! But as of ep3.01, she has gone TOO FAR! Were you people even watching when she rejected Luis THE SWEETEST HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET. He stood by her through EVERYTHING. The Alaska acquisition? That time the harrier-bots malfunctioned mid battle? The only reason Jessica has had ANY success is because Luis had her back. He loves her! And she doesn't even care! This is why I am throwing my support behind Vernon. I do not take this decision lightly. I was a Jessifan for two whole seasons. Jessica is the whole reason I even care about Sterling-Malkeet. But as a fan, I cannot continue to support someone so heartless. LUIS, YOU CAN DO BETTER!

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