"This weapon creates traps which detonate when the tripwire connecting two anchor points is broken. It is best used across enemy patrol routes or in narrow spaces."
―Inventory description

The Tripcaster is a stealth weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a type of weapon that creates tripwire-based traps specializing in three elemental ammo types: shock, fire, and blast. It is used to "trip" machines, while either shocking them, burning them, or dealing explosion damage. Like the Ropecaster, this weapon is more useful on larger machines.


The Tripcaster's ammo pouch can hold a maximum of 12 rounds with all upgrades. Both ends of wire must be cast on valid surface to be properly set; missing either shot will waste the intended tripwire.

Shock Wire does no damage, but inflicts massive Electric severity that can instantly Shock many foes, making them vulnerable to Critical Strikes or other attacks.

Blast Wire explodes once it is triggered, dealing massive Impact damage to the victim and nearby foes.

Fire Wire explodes upon activation and burns targets in proximity.

Damage and Severity values vary between Difficulty levels.

Ammo Type Damage Damage-Icon Elemental Severity Crafting Requirements Used With
Shock Wire Shock-Wire-Icon None Very High Shock-Icon 8x Metal Shards

4x Wire

8x Sparker




Blast Wire Blast-Wire-Icon Very High None 8x Metal Shards

4x Wire

5x Blaze



Fire Wire Fire-Wire-Icon None High Fire-Icon 8x Metal Shards

4x Wire

4x Blaze

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