December 2065, Week 1 - CONFIDENTIAL

Reno, Nevada: Civilian Guard and armor battalions skirmished with vanguard elements of Pacific Northwest swarm PN-12. Engagement began at 0600 and concluded with a withdrawal at 2100 the following day. Losses in excess of 40% reported.

Shenandoah Valley SA-Tec, Virginia: 12th MRB supported by Civilian Guard fought a rear-guard action against the Eastern Seaboard swarm ES-17. Engagement began at 0800. At approx 1400, 12th MRB reported the position was overrun and received authorization to detonate SA-Tec facility, inflicting significant damage on ES-17. Surviving elements of the 12th MRB withdrawn to Akron-Cleveland defensive line.

Akron, Ohio: 9th and 10th MRBs, supported by sustained aerial strikes, assaulted the Horus-class Titan resupplying the Eastern Seaboard swarm ES-18. Engagment began at 0400 and concluded at 2200 with the elimination of the Titan. Note that this is 9th MRB's third Titan kill with minimal losses.

3rd MRB - refused recall orders from OPERATION PINCH HIT deployment along Pensacola - Tallahassee defensive line. Court-martial proceedings underway.
7th MRB - recalled from New York Engagement Zone to reinforce Wichita theater, READY
9th MRB - refitting at USRC facilities, READY
10th MRB - transferred from Cal-Mar [DATA CORRUPTED]

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