FROM: Major Garrow
TO: General Aaron Herres
SUBJECT: UltraWeave Progress


You wanted fast, cheap and good, and that's what we're going to deliver. By using a flexible nano-fiber weave instead of plating, and enhancing protection with a 400 eV hard light micro-projector, we've reduced our testing cycle from weeks to days, and I'm confident we can get the suit out by next month, with enough production to cover dozens of elite units, at least. Better yet, it will be half the weight, half the cost, and offer twice the mobility. All we need is the balance of our funding, a few more techs, and another experienced test subject. I know resources are stretched to the breaking point, but any more delays will jeopardize the schedule, so please advise ASAP.

May God be with you and Jane in these dark times.

Semper Fi,
Major Garrow

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