UltraWeave Mk7.1 Trials, Oct 65

Trial 49-B: 10/3/65
Pass Threshold: 85/100
Ballistic Test: 91
Shrapnel Test: 87
Laser Test: 88
Shield Integrity: 86
Impact/Torso: 51
Impact/Arms: 62
Impact/Legs: 43

Notes: Weave is not tightening properly on local impact tests. We need to optimize existing sensors or add more.

Trial 51-K: 10/5/65
Pass Threshold: 85/100

Ballistic Test: 88
Shrapnel Test: 91
Laser Test: 87
Shield Integrity: 87
Impact/Torso: 67
Impact/Arms: 75
Impact/Legs: 81

Notes: Sensor optimization successful, but torso protection still lagging. Recommend increasing weave density.

Trial 53-R: 10/6/65
Pass Threshold: 85/100

Ballistic Test: 92
Shrapnel Test: 95
Laser Test: 86
Shield Integrity: 89
Impact/Torso: 84
Impact/Arms: 81
Impact/Legs: 13

Notes: Getting there on the weave density and detection components, but an integration error on the left knee tanked the impact test. Ouch. Subject isn't going to be able to walk that one off. Surgery required.

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