• Lacrossedeamon

    1000+ Pages

    October 9, 2017 by Lacrossedeamon

    Earlier today we hit the 1000 page mark. That’s really amazing. I don’t have the statistics but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if this was one of the fastest growing wikias for a new IP. Keep up the great work. Thanks goes out to all the admins, editors, and of course the lovely devs at GG. Can’t wait for November and the Frozen Wilds.

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  • Lacrossedeamon

    So obviously I got the guide. It's great; has a few typos and inconsistencies but not many. Loads of info on mechanics especially combat. Even has some encyclopedia like entries which were very nice and informative on some backstory. I'm willing to answer questions about the book but I honestly recommend buying it yourself and showing your support for these amazing creators.

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  • Lacrossedeamon

    DLC Ideas Forum

    April 13, 2017 by Lacrossedeamon

    So Guerrilla Games has shown great initiative and plays an active role within its fandom community. I'd like to create this as a forum where Wikia users can post their hopes for a DLC and maybe a dev will stumble upon here and draw from. I'll post some of my ideas below and I want y'all's critiques and thoughts.

    - Escort Dervahl to Mainspring It is still possible to visit Dervahl in his cell in Meridian up until the very last mission. We know that the plan is to send him to Mainspring in the Claim to face justice however. I feel it would be very inline with either Erend or Avad to ask Aloy to be part of that convoy. Dervahl in the meantime could have been moved to a more permanent cell at Sunstone Rock where the mission would start. The fir…

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  • Lacrossedeamon


    A. Skills
    i. Prowler
    1. Strike Line (these lines don't have in game names so I tried to use the common factor)
    a. Silent Strike
    b. Strike from Above
    c. Strike from Below
    d. Leader Strike
    e. Strong Strike
    f. Strong Strike+
    2. Aim Line
    a. Hunter Reflexes
    b. Balanced Aim
    3. Movement Line
    a. Silent Drop
    b. Low Profile
    c. Dodge Prowess
    d. Quite Sprint
    ii. Brave
    1. Focus Line
    a. Concentration
    b. Heavy Lifter
    c. Concentration+
    d. Fast Reload
    e. Double Shot
    f. Triple Shot
    2. Critical Line
    a. Critical Hit
    b. Critical Hit+
    3. Melee Line
    a. Precision
    b. Precision+
    c. Knock Down
    d. Fighting Back
    iii. Forager
    1. Override Line
    a. Lure Call
    b. Combat Override
    c. Combat Override+
    d. Call Mount
    2. Heal Line
    a. Healer
    b. Herbalist
    3. Resource Line
    a. Gatherer
    b. Scavenger
    c. Ammo Crafter
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  • Lacrossedeamon

    We all agree that this is an amazing game but we wouldn't be the predecessors to the Old Ones who ruined everything if we couldn't find something to complain about. So would we have done different. I want to know what you would have changed, left out, or added. Mine are below:

    Only change outfits and weapon loadout at campfires Have Aloy's in game model show all equipped weapons at all times (even if that means fewer can be equipped at a time) Have all Shadow Carja areas (Sunfall, Blazon Arches, Kestrel's Perch, and Sheaf's Flight) react the same way to either wearing the Kestrel armor or not A way to improve coils and weaves instead of just trying to farm better ones More control on overridden machines More weapons and outfits… Read more >

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