We all agree that this is an amazing game but we wouldn't be the predecessors to the Old Ones who ruined everything if we couldn't find something to complain about. So would we have done different. I want to know what you would have changed, left out, or added. Mine are below:

  Only change outfits and weapon loadout at campfires
  Have Aloy's in game model show all equipped weapons at all times (even if that means fewer can be equipped at a time)
  Have all Shadow Carja areas (Sunfall, Blazon Arches, Kestrel's Perch, and Sheaf's Flight) react the same way to either wearing the Kestrel armor or not
  A way to improve coils and weaves instead of just trying to farm better ones
  More control on overridden machines
  More weapons and outfits obtained through missions but with their upgrades through merchants
  Don't have Atral dying every time I go to Kestrel's Perch
  The ability to move and order items around in your inventory (this is just my OCD)

Maybe I'm just being nitpicky but hopefully some of y'all agree with this or think I've left something. And those that don't agree with what I've listed, please tell me your reasons why. I hope that the game developers somehow find their way to this site and this blog post and maybe this will help them.