General categorization (Each Topic) + Subcategorization = Ease of Use?

General categorization is useful as the group all the relevant subject into one, it is important as Subcategorization which is basically the numbers of the books. General categorization is like the basic genre of the collection of books, which and basically what Index is in books. There should be only one of them for each though. They should be one for each major topic eg Character, Machines, Tribes, Locations, Skill, Lore, Weapons, Outfit (most revelant to Character as Doesn't have a list like Tribes or Machine) . As since there are already names used in Sub-category, they must be a different name. But as this system is already in place, I personally think this system is unintuitive when clicking Character it should go to the Character list on the first level but also have Subcategorization above it. I already see a lot of user adding the general category on their page or other pages.

Well, a simple Index for each topic wouldn't that unorganised right? The issue with other Wikia is that the is too much useless categorization which is the same exact thing. A simple in exclusivity in some areas is okay when appropriate. Example: Matriarchs are part of the Nora, should not exclusive be Matriarchs as they are clearly Nora members as well.

At the end of the day, we want to improve the user experience.

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