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    Hunting Grounds Keeper Pages

    September 20, 2017 by Ofthenora

    Hey guys, I was thinking of making separate pages for each of the Hunting Grounds Keepers but I noticed that for all the Hunting Grounds, the Keepers were the chosen image for that page. I was just wondering if we should change the picture for the Hunting Grounds to a picture of the grounds so that I can use the Keepers pictures for their pages, or it wouldn't be a big deal if they had the same images? Of course, any suggestions youse think would be better I'm open to or if youse don't want to put in separate Keepers pages, up to youse. 

    Thank you as always, this wiki has come such a long way :)

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  • Ofthenora

    Rookie question I think but I was just wondering how youse are getting the images/icons for resources without the little number in the corners? Just doing some of the resources pages, I noticed some don't have images in the site's database so I was going to get them myself but couldn't figure out how to get them other than snapshotting in-game (which would mean there's an attached number). Thank you :)

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  • Ofthenora

    Hello! I noticed that there aren't any pages for the medicinal resources such as Salvebrush and such. I'd be happy to add it in, I just wanted to ask first if youse are happy if I put them in the Resources page under another heading as Medicinal Resources? If not, I'm open to suggestions on what to put it under. 

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