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    August 2, 2017 by Queenmirelurk

    I've been trying to compile a full list of all the dialogue flashpoints in the game and each of the options. I'm confident that I am closing in on having a complete list. This is what I have come up with so far. I'm housing this here. I also have a word doc on my computer where I've typed up all the actual things she says for each choice (ie - with Teersa, "I found it beautiful" -> "I can't say it was comfortable, but I can see the beauty of the ritual, even so.")

    I want to eventually figure out exactly what impact the choices that have consequences produce. If you know of any, please let me know! For example, Lansra changes later dialogue with you based on the choice you make in her flashpoint. Flashpoints that I know of as having consequen…

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  • Queenmirelurk

    I've noticied some inconsistencies with how we are using categories on this wiki. The editing guidelines state the following with regard to categories:

    • As a general guideline, please take a look at the blog post made by Lacrossedeamon on how we will categorize the wiki.
    • Any page belonging to a subcategory should not also be put under the parent category (e.g. Tearblaster is in the Ranged Weapons subcategory, it must not be found in the parent category Weapons).

    Lacrossedeamon's blog post is great and expansive, but it doesn't cover locations or characters, which is where I am noticing the biggest issues.

    Currently, the category page for locations has the following subcategories:

    • Locations by type
      • Cauldrons
      • Gates (just added)
      • Hunting Grounds
      • Ruins
      • Tri…
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