I've noticied some inconsistencies with how we are using categories on this wiki. The editing guidelines state the following with regard to categories:

  • As a general guideline, please take a look at the blog post made by Lacrossedeamon on how we will categorize the wiki.
  • Any page belonging to a subcategory should not also be put under the parent category (e.g. Tearblaster is in the Ranged Weapons subcategory, it must not be found in the parent category Weapons).

Lacrossedeamon's blog post is great and expansive, but it doesn't cover locations or characters, which is where I am noticing the biggest issues.

Currently, the category page for locations has the following subcategories:

  • Locations by type
    • Cauldrons
    • Gates (just added)
    • Hunting Grounds
    • Ruins
    • Tribal Territories
  • Settlements
  • Sundom
  • Ruins

And the category page for characters has the following subcategories:

  • AIs
  • Deceased Characters
  • Eclipse Members
  • Humans
    • Allies
    • Banuk Tribe Members
    • Carja Tribe Members
    • Hunters Lodge Members
    • Nora Tribe Members
    • Old Ones
    • Oseram Tribe Members
    • Shadow Carja Tribe Members
  • List of Characters by Occupation
    • Merchants

However, in addition to these subcategory schemes we also have 46 pages that are categorized broadly as "Locations" and 125 pages categorized broadly as "Characters," despite fitting into subcategories.

Plus, there are a lot of issues with the categorization scheme that has developed in general. For example, why is there a full subcategory of Sundom under the Location category if we have a separate sub-subcategory for tribal regions?

I would like to propose that we hammer this out and have a solid method of organizing these pages to avoid confusion and inconsistency. We should decide to either tag all the character pages as "character" and locations as "location" or none and stick to the subcategorization method. If the latter is used, we need to make the subcategories more intuitive. I am happy to work on fleshing this idea out, but I would like to get input from other editors.

Thanks for reading.