"Green grows from the ashes of a forest blaze."
―Utaru proverb[1]

The Utaru are a peaceful farming tribe in Horizon Zero Dawn. The Utaru homeland, Plainsong, is part of the rich and fertile Great Plains.


During the Red Raids, the Utaru were one of many tribes that fell victim to the Carja's brutal raids and sacrifices. The Utaru tried to appease the raiders with gifts of grain, but suffered slaughter and slavery by the Carja under the 13th Sun-King Jiran.[2]

After Jiran was killed and Avad assumed control of the Carja tribe, the Utaru were freed from slavery, and many presumably returned to Plainsong. Very few Utaru are seen within the in-game area, and those that are do not take part in the battle against the Eclipse.


The Utaru do not feature heavily in Horizon Zero Dawn. They are referred to as a distant tribe, and their homeland is far beyond the in-game area.

The Utaru culture is centered heavily on agriculture, living in a fertile region known as Plainsong in the Great Plains. The Utaru believe that those who die are returned to the soil and will nourish the land, living on through new growth.[3] As long as the dead are remembered, they will contribute to the harvests and make them bountiful. Their most valued resource is assumed to be grain, as they offered it to the Carja raiders during the Red Raids as a peace offering.

The clothing of the Utaru, as seen in concept art and on the few characters seen in-game, appears to be based on the clothing of the many ethnic groups of Africa. Common attire appears to consist of a short skirt or sleeveless dress with geometric patterning, straw shoes, wide collars, and large headdresses. Body paint is also featured, notably the grey-white paint on arms and legs and yellow and white paint on the face.

Although it is assumed many Utaru do not travel beyond the Great Plains, there may be pilgrims (such as Rea) who make journeys to honor fallen tribe members who died beyond the Great Plains. The extent and nature of their interactions with other tribes is unknown, as there is no mention of trade between the Utaru and other tribes. In addition, Aloy can purchase a map of Metal Flower locations that was made by an Utaru botanist.[4]

Known Members

Rea - Utaru Pilgrim

Rea, a member of the Utaru.


  • A couple of Utaru can be found at a bar in Sunfall. However, like the Tenakth, they cannot be interacted with.
  • One of the Face paint options that can be applied to Aloy is called "Utaru Plainswalker." It consists of yellow paint across the eyes and cheekbones, and a white stripe down the nose. This same face paint is seen on Rea.
  • The Metal Flowers map belonged to an Utaru Botanist.


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