"For now, all you need to know is that I'm a whisper of reason in this howling pit of insanity."

Vanasha is a character and potential ally in Horizon Zero Dawn. She is encountered during the main quest and plays a role in the Carja Civil War.


Vanasha is a Carja spy on a mission to convince the Dowager Queen Nasadi and her son, Sun-King Avad's half-brother, Itamen to defect from the Shadow Carja capital of Sunfall and return to Meridian. Undercover, she has managed to become Nasadi's handmaiden.

Despite spending the previous two years embedded deep within the Citadel, she is fiercely loyal to Avad and his progressive rule, as many of her actions would suggest.

Vanasha is an elite agent who spent many years training under the revered Carja Spymaster Blameless Marad.[1]


Because she is well-trained as a spy, it is difficult for Vanasha to display her authentic personality.[1] She comes across as a flirtatious and cunning woman, but her upbringing may have played a role in the formation of her deviant character.It is likely that her hatred for the bigoted ways of the Shadow Carja is a result of her upbringing, as she was the daughter of a servant family that was treated terribly at the hands of their powerful noble owners.[1]

She has a soft spot for Itamen, admitting to feeling delighted when he made her a Strider out of matchsticks (despite the poor quality of the build).

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