"For now, all you need to know is that I'm a whisper of reason in this howling pit of insanity."
Vanasha is a Carja spy, working on behalf of Sun-King Avad to infiltrate the Shadow Carja palace of Sunfall.


At an unknown point, Vanasha was tasked with infiltrating Sunfall and retrieving both Itamen and the Dowager Queen Nasadi. She succeeded in the first part, eventually becoming Nasadi's handmaiden. She realized that the young Itamen was merely a figurehead for Bahavas and Helis, and trapped like a hostage. During her time in Sunfall, Vanasha would take food to some of the starving children in Shadowside, the refugee camp outside the city.

She also noticed that a Shadow Carja soldier named Uthid would give the poor some of his old rations, and punish those who hurt the elderly and sick. So when Uthid was sentenced to death for allegedly attempting to murder Itamen, Vanasha immediately suspected that Uthid had been framed by Bahavas.


Vanasha is flirtatious, cunning, and witty.

However, Vanasha's devious side is contained by a sense of duty and morals. She was shown giving food to starving Shadow Carja children, and made sure that Uthid would not be killed for a crime that he did not commit. She has a soft spot for Itamen, being delighted when he made her a Strider out of matchsticks, despite the poor quality of the build.

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