Varl is a major character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is a Nora Brave, the son of War-Chief Sona and the older brother of Vala, whom Aloy competed against in the Proving.


After the Eclipse attacked the Nora and Vala was killed, Varl was ordered by Sona to guard their valley while she led a warband in chasing after the cultists. The Braves were ambushed and most of them were killed, Varl being one of the few that survived.

High Matriarch Teersa then sent Aloy to see him.


Varl appears to develop a strong bond with Aloy once they take vengeance on the Eclipse that attacked during the Proving. It is apparent that the connection between Varl and Aloy remains close and unwavering throughout the game. However, his appearances are quite limited and their relationship is not explored in much detail.


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