Vashad is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Vashad is a Carja farmer turned Snapmaw hunter that Aloy encounters during the side quest, Hunters' Blind. Vashad borrowed metal shards to buy seeds for his farm, but the harvest did not turn a profit. Knowing that if he could come up with the shards to pay his debt, he would lose his farm and everything he owned, he paired up with a number of Carja hunters, including Omas, and turned to hunting Snapmaws for Snapmaw Hearts in order to pay off his debt.

Unbeknownst to him, his hunting attracted flocks of Glinthawks that, as well as scavenging the Snapmaw carcasses, were also attacking Lone Light, a nearby Carja settlement. After Aloy informed him of this, he refuseed to leave until he had the machine parts. It was only once Aloy had gathered Snapmaw Hearts that he and his hunters agreed to leave, allowing him to pay his debt, keep his farm and stop the Glinthawk attacks on Lone Light.

Associated Quests

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