Thanks for registering with VeetEats!

What's for dinner?!
Where's dinner?!
Who's coming to dinner?!

Step 1: Log in to VeetEats


Step 2: Choose a Menu

In the mood for Mexican? Chiming for Chinese? Savoring sushi? Piqued for pizza? Any cuisine, any side or dessert you DREAM is yours for the taking - or shall we say EATING???

Make your selection, and while the food printer is whipping up your vittles, move on to...

Step 3: Choose a Setting

Where do you want to eat tonight? A 1950s diner, rocking the jukebox tunes? A Polynesian beach - where's that kava colada??? Heck, why stop there? Why not try one of our truly exotic "deluxury settings"? Fantasy banquet whilst watching dragon-riders joust? CHECK. Glass-bottom helo-carrier hovering over raging volcano? CHECKITY CHECK!

Step 4: Choose a Skin

Sure we love our friends and loved ones... but do we really have to stare at them and listen to them every darn meal? With VeetEats, gulp down meets dress up! Is that your boyfriend smacking his lips across the table - or is that holo-star Ryan Kassabian, glowering at you with animal desire? Is that your kid, screaming how she wants more nuggets? Or is that a blessedly restrained Madame Curie, expounding on the scientific and societal impact of her discoveries? (Don't worry, VeetEats' automated systems are just as good at nugget-serving and child-monitoring as they are at noise-canceling.)

Step 5: EAT!!!

(This part you don't need help with. Right? Are we right???)


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