Samina Ebadji: Hello, child. My name is Samina. Today is a big day. Your first day of school. There's so much for you to learn. So much promise and possibility. You'll find that from this point on, your world just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Starting today, you'll be living in a bigger room- one large enough to fit your growing body. And before long, you'll start meeting other children - children who grew up in other Broods like yours, in separate areas, here on the inside. But the biggest world is the one you will all share: the world of knowledge. Of everything that the people who came before you thought, and felt, and dreamed. It was a beautiful world, but as you'll discover, it was a troubled one, too. Our dearest hope is that you will do better. Now, it's time for you to meet two very important people: a man named Aristotle, and a woman named Aspasia. They will be your guides to the world of knowledge. I wish you fulfillment and enlightenment in your journeys ahead.

Synthetic Voice: Alert. Malfunction. APOLLO offline.

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