The World of Horizon Zero Dawn is filled with many diverse, beautiful environments and locations. Cities such as Meridian and Sunfall are where Aloy can find new quests and characters to interact with. The environments consist of rich jungles in the south, cold forests and fields on the mountains and hilltops in the east, and an arid and dusty desert-like plateau in the middle and northern parts of the map.

Horizon Zero Dawn's world spans a wide range. The approximate width of the map, assuming that each unit step is equal to an imperial foot, is around 20,000-21,000 feet, or about 4 miles. It is in a scale of 107.5:1 (in miles) compared to real life.

Aloy can also use the map to fast travel between certain places like Settlements, Gates, Hunting Grounds, Campfires, and landmarks such as Rost's Grave. It also includes information on location such as Ruins, Cauldrons, Machine Sites including Tallnecks and Corrupted Zones, Quests, Errands, and Collectibles including Vantage Points, Ancient Vessels, Metal Flowers, and Banuk Figures.



  • The world is located in the continental United States, specifically, parts of what was once western Colorado and eastern Utah.
    • The parts of the map east of Denver all seem to be underwater. This may refer to the period in the Earth's history where the Midwest plains in the United States were submerged under an ocean.

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